Architecture & Design

Sacred Mansion transcends beyond a mere restoration project, embodying a profound and sublime continuation of a narrative rooted in initiation and transformation philosophy. With its unique character and energy, Sacred Mansion aspires to be a sanctum steeped in virtues, blending art, literature, and philosophical disciplines to create a timeless space far beyond the present. Serving as the embodiment of Lilith's tale, carrying within it the themes of love and betrayal, creation and free will, sanctity and curse, this venue promises a unique experience.

Rooms & Suites

Sacred Mansion stands as a testament to a fusion of abstract atmospheres, ancient lore, and dazzling mysticism. Within every room, every detail, traces of Lilith's defiance with free will await discovery. Lose yourself amidst vistas reminiscent of legendary poetry, immersing in a timeless odyssey.


Superior Deluxe

Junior Suite

Signature Suite

Sacred Suite

Numquid ausus es participare in peccatis Lilith, consequi ardorem, audire tacitum, gustare vetitum, et rebellare?